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December 21, 2012
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Hi guys, I’m the Master Gamer and I loved video games. Have I talked about Sonic the Hedgehog…

Fans: YES!!!

O-okay, a few times, while Sonic is my favorite video game series, there’s another I like also, while growing up on the Playstation. Crash Bandicoot! Oh man, I love Crash Bandicoot, he’s a funny and brave video game character, and he was created by the evil scientist and his arch-enemy, Dr. Neo Cortex. Crash along with his guardian mask, Aku Aku, his sister, Coco and the super-bandicoot Crunch go on adventures to stop the evil plans of Cortex and the mighty Uka Uka, Aku’s evil brother. I grew up with the games from the classic PS1 trilogy to the fan-favorite wacky game, Crash Twinsanity. The games have nice levels, great music, memorable characters and also awesome boss battles, and on this list, I’m counting down my top 15 boss battles from the Crash series. Rules first: have to be from games I played, one character for the boss and also I’ll warn you: spoilers for almost ALL of the Crash games, so let’s start spinning!

Crash: (thumbs up) “Ya-whooo!!!”


To start, we have a boss fight in the original Crash Bandicoot game, the fight with Pinstripe in Cortex’s Toxic Factory. Man Pinstripe shoots like mad with his tommy gun and Crash has to hide behind furniture to avoid Pinstripe’s gunfire. When he stops and jumps around, spin him before he shoots again, then hide and repeat it. Pinstripe is really cool and his boss fight is nice and unique, strike when there’s an opening!


Nina Cortex’s Spiderbot from the game, Crash of the Titans, when Crash arrived at the head of Cortex’s Doomiator, Nina summons her mutant mech to fight Crash. Make sure you jack a bigger Titan before the battle and bash her and then jack the spiderbot and use it to destroy the three gears around the arena to win! It’s low on the list because it is hard and beating the spiderbot before jacking it is annoying, but it still has cool attacks like the bladesaw and the laser eyes. When you win, you rescued Coco, destroyed the Doomiator and Crash and the others have pancakes!

Crash: “Pancakes!”

On the game, Wrath of Cortex, Cortex created Crunch, the super bandicoot to destroy Crash and unleashed the Elemental masks to power Crunch, and some battles with Crunch and the Elementals are good, but my favorite is the fight with Crunch and Py-Ro, the Fire Elemental. In this fight, you have to run away from Fire Crunch while avoiding the Lava Rocks Crunch throws at you. When you reach the end, you get on a water mech, and you chase Crunch as you spray water on him to damage him, do it three times and you win. I like this fight because it feels epic and has a fiery atomsphere, but still hard and challenging and also Py-Ro is voiced by Mark Hamill, that’s hot!


In the game, Crash Twinsanity, Crash and Cortex have to team up to deal with the new villains, the Evil Twins. Before leaving N. Sanity Island, Crash and Cortex confronts the Totem God, Tikimon, summoned by the Evil Twins, and have to fight it. The fight is easy but fun, you dodge his slamming fists and laser eyes and when it opens its mouth, throw Cortex in it to damage it, but watch out for Tikimon’s minions. While this boss is easy, it got me hyped to continue Twinsanity more, and it’s quite a unique boss.


Tiny: “Crash! Coco! Stole the pretty Crystals! Tiny get them back in Gladiator Arena!”

Tiny is a tough villain in the Crash series, and his fight in Warped was damn cool. The Roman Coliseum is a great setting also. The fight is simple, dodge Tiny and strike him after he uses his spear, but watch out for the lions. Fun boss fight and gets players hyped to continue Warped more.


Ripper Roo is freakin insane, and his fight is fun. As Dr. Roo, he hops around with his cane planting TNT crates and when he’s his old crazy self, he drops Nirto Crates, which are more deadly! A good boss fight and truly shows Roo’s insanity!

Roo: (laughs insane)


My favorite boss from Crash 2, and quite unique as you fight two foes at once. Joe spins around trying to kill you, and when Joe gets dizzy, spin you into Moe to damage them, and then Moe throws swords at you as the battle gets intense. Fun boss fight and the Komodo Bros are cool villains.


Crash Team Racing is a fun racing game, and it introduced the new villain, Nitrous Oxide. An alien from Planet Gasmonia and challenges the player to a race for the world. After winning the races and bosses, you race Oxide in his Space Station on a one-on-one race! After that alien cheats, by getting a head start, avoid Oxide’s attacks, like TNT/Nitro Crates, Bombs and Beakers and win! A very hard boss race, but you’ll be proud of yourself when you win!

7) N. TRANCE (CRASH 2: N-TRANCED) (Spoilers)

On the GBA game, N-Tranced, sequel to the Huge Adventure, N. Tropy recruited the new villain, N. Trance to capture the Bandicoots to brainwash them! Crash escapes, and the villains mistake Fake Crash for the real Crash, so now Crash has to save the Bandicoots, and stop the villains through time! After beating and saving the Bandicoots one by one, Crash and Aku confronts N. Tropy and N. Trance and begins the fight with N. Trance! N. Trance is a tough, but fun boss and he has two phases.

In the first phase, N. Trance jumps around and then shoots his claw, when the claw gets stuck, spin him and get away! After four hits, N. Trance breaks apart and flies away. On the second phase, you’re using your copter-pack and it’s now an air fight, but N. Trance is still a threat! He’ll uses his energy balls to damage you, avoid those and spin N. Trance into a lava cavern where Fake Crash will fry N. Trance with chunks of lava! Fry the egghead alien five times and it’s over! A satisfying semi-final boss and my favorite boss in the handheld Crash games.

6) N. BRIO (CRASH 1)

Brio: "I was in... the first... GAME!!!"

My favorite boss from the original game and the most memorable, Dr. Nitrus Brio! He’s the inventor of the Evolvo-Ray and Cortex’s old partner. In this fight, Brio will throw chemicals at you. The Green ones will form slimeballs to harm you, jump on them to deal damage to Brio, but watch out for the Red ones has they’ll explode and don’t get close to Brio has he’ll kill you with his exploding beakers! As his health reaches three HP, he’ll drink the potion and turn into a Hulk-like monster! Jump on the debris and jump on Brio’s head to damage him before Brio will crush you! Do it three times and the fight is over! Brio has been build-up since the beginning of the game and it’s still amazing.


Tropy: “Now you’re on my time, you little skunk!”

The inventor of the Time Twister and master of Time, Dr. Nefarious Tropy! You see him in the beginning of the game, Crash 3 and after going through two Warp Rooms, you confront N. Tropy and the fight begins. Tropy will starting shooting laser balls and beams at you. Avoid those and Tropy will summon platforms and get to him before he gets up. Attack him and the setting will change and the battle will get harder. This fight is awesome, with the challenge, the build-up and the fun Tropy delivers.


N. Gin, Cortex’s Partner, makes awesome robots and battles, and his best is on Crash 3! In his fight, you play as Crash’s sister, Coco, in a spaceship, while N. Gin fights in a giant mech, shooting missiles and laser bullets at you! Shoot where the attacks are coming from, to deal damage to N. Gin! After the first phase, the second is harder, but still the same, with new attacks, like the plasma balls and a slow energy attack at you. Avoid those attacks and shoot N. Gin’s weak spots to win! An awesome gunfight in space and still the best!


Dingodile is still my fav side-villain in the series, and he’s a mix of a dingo and crocodile, and he uses a flamethrower, and my favorite fight in the series is hands down, the fight with him in Twinsanity! Also, bonus points for the build-up for him, after Crash’s “Birthday Party” by Cortex, Dingodile went to his cabin for a break, then a giant snowball smash his cabin, and it was Crash and Cortex. Dingodile hears about the treasure, Crash and Cortex are after and he followed them, and after the Boiler Room level, Crash confronts Dingodile and the fight begins, and he’s quite the challenge!

Avoid his fiery attacks, like lower/upper lines of fire and his fire walls and get them to shoot at the water walls and release a button. Body slam the button to spray water on Dingodile to weaken his fire sheild, then attack him to damage him! Do it four times and Dingodile is finished, never to bother you again! This boss is my favorite in Twinsanity, because of the build-up, the battle and shows how much of a pyromaniac Dingodile is!

Also, the next two will be final bosses from my fav games and warning for major spoilers!


The Evil Twins are new villains from the game Twinsanity, Crash and Cortex first encountered them after the Cavern level and they mess with the hero (and the villain) a few times during the game, mostly Cortex. Then Crash and Cortex picks up Cortex’s niece, Nina from the Acamady of Evil, Cortex remembers that the Evil Twins are his old pet parrots, Victor and Moritz and they were his first subjects for his prototype Evolvo-Ray. After Cortex uses it on this parrots, they disappeared into the 10th Dimension and evolved into smart and deadly mutants with warped minds. When Crash, Cortex and Nina got to their stronghold, after dealing with Evil Crash, the fight begins, as the Evil Twins got in their Deathbot and it has three phases!

The first phase is with Nina and you have to get up to the towers, with her cybernetic grabbing hands and break those two rods, on three sides, while avoiding the Deathbot and the Ants. Be warned as the Deathbot can stomp to make shockwaves and use fire and it claws. The second phase is with Cortex and you have to shoot the guns the Evil Twins have, one a machine gun and the other a laser beam. Hard but still fun, and then the final phase as Carsh came back with the Mecha Bandicoot (first boss of the game) to finish off the Deathbot! This part is easy, avoid the Deathbot’s lightsaber, and the force field and shoot at it four times to win!

This final boss is awesome, with good build-up, big challenge, catchy music and a surprise at the end. But which can top it? Before we reach number one, let’s recap:

13*Fire Crunch
11*Tiny Tiger
10*Ripper Roo
9*Komodo Brothers
8*N. Oxide
7*N. Trance
6*N. Brio
5*N. Tropy
4*N. Gin
2*Evil Twins

And for number one!

1) DR. NEO CORTEX (CRASH 3: WARPED) (Major Spoilers)

Uka Uka: “Yes, it’s true. The bandicoot brought all the Crystals and all the Gems to me. NOW ALL THE POWER IS MINE! THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT IS ABOUT TO END!”

…You Crash fans saw this coming, admit it…

Yep, my favorite boss is still the fight with Cortex and Uka Uka. Before the fight, Cortex was working for Uka Uka since the beginning of the original trilogy, and after Crash destroyed the Cortex Vortex in Crash 2: Cortex Strikes Back, a piece of the station falls and destroyed the temple prison holding Uka Uka! Now Uka was freed, he ranted Cortex for failing him twice and not getting the Power Crystals and Gems for conquest, now Cortex and Uka along with N. Tropy travel through time to get the Crystals and Gems, but Crash and Coco along with Aku Aku followed them to get the Crystals before Cortex’s forces do! And after 25 Levels and four awesome boss fights, Crash and Aku confronts their enemies for the final battle!

During the fight, Cortex shoots lasers at you, while Aku and Uka fight in some way, shape and form. Avoid the masks’ fight and focus and beating Cortex! After Cortex throws mines, he’ll lower his force field and now’s your chance to strike him! Get Cortex to the hole in the middle of the arena for some damage and the fight will continue! After three hits, you won the battle, but you have to get the Gems and Relics to fight Cortex again! After that you complete the game and Cortex and Uka Uka are done for good! (Until Wrath of Cortex, they came back)

This final fight is perfect! Has symbolism, a final conflict with the hero and the villain, awesome build-up and a good ending to our fav Crash game in the series! A small complant that the fight is short, but it’s still an awesome final battle!

Well, since Mind Over Mutant, Crash hasn’t made a comeback yet, but I’m sure Crash will return and we gamers will be excited to play him again! Also, Crash Bandicoot is still my favorite video game franchise (along with Sonic, Sly Cooper and more) I’m the Master Gamer, and bring Crash Bandicoot back, Activision!!!

Fade out, DA Logo.

Crash: “Pancakes!”
My new countdown is done! Since Crash Bandicoot is still my fav game series, I should do a countdown of my fav bosses from the games. Those are my opinions, but I still like to hear your fav bosses.

Also here are some honorable mentions:
*Dr. N Gin (Crash 2)
*Emperor Velo (Crash Nitro Kart)
*Cortex and Crunch (Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex)
*Bearmatior (Crash Bash)
*N. Tropy (Crash 2: N. Tranced)
*Koala Kong (Crash 1)
*Dingodile (Crash 3: Warped)

Crash Bandicoot (c) Naughty Dog/Activision
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adamhero Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013
this is really good countdown
mastergamer20 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013
Thanks. :)
adamhero Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013
are you ever going to make another countdown
mastergamer20 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013
I might. :nod:
mr-perkins Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
cool list, ive only played crash 1, 2, 3, crash of titans and mind over mutant so my top 15 list would have to be:
15. Ripper Roo (Crash 2)
14. Coco (Mind over mutant)
13. Koala Kong (Crash 1)
12. Tiny Tiger (Crash 3)
11. Neo Cortex (Crash 1)
10. Uka Uka (Crash of Titans)
9. N. Brio (Crash 1)
8. Pinstripe (Crash 1)
7. Tiny Tiger (Crash 2)
6. Dingodile (Crash 3)
5. Komodo Brothers (Crash 2)
4. Neo Cortex (Crash 3)
3. N. Gin (Crash 3)
2. N. Tropy (Crash 3)
1. N. Gin (Crash 2)
mastergamer20 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
Thanks and good choices. :)
TrueArena111 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Student General Artist
I would love to see Crash as a Skylander. If he is, he should be of the Air Element.
mastergamer20 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
Ah-heh, yeah...
ShadowFlames17 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
Like your choices, you gave into some detail on the choices. So overall Pretty good list, oh and Cortex in Warped FTW!
mastergamer20 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
Thanks and yeah! :D
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